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Jumper Settings in Mobile Phones


Jumpering word means give connection from one point to other bypassing in-between components. A good conductor wire is used to make a jumper which bypasses the components and pass on a signal or supply line for further uses.

When wire is used as a jumper, it must have sum special specifications as required. These jumper wires can be mainly of two types i.e insulated and non insulated. In the mobile phone insulated wires are used for jumpers. The thickness of these jumper wires is measured into “gaze.” The length of a jumper depends on the two points connected in between.

Why Do Jumper Settings

Some time while repairing mobile phones, we find certain components are faulty and is very difficult to get these components from the market. Now to repair these mobile phones we do not have any other option but put jumpers. These jumpers by passes some components specifically. To place the jumpers a person must know the technics of connecting a wire and its pin.

Some major jumper settings that are done to solve following problem:

  1. Charging problem.
  2. Loudspeaker problem
  3. Earpiece problem
  4. Vibrator problem
  5. Keypad problem
  6. No display problem
  7. Network problem
  8. Display backlight problem.

Some Demo Jumpersettings are shown below:

Nokia Mobile Jumper settings


SonyEricsson Mobile Jumper settings

Samsung Mobile Jumper settings

Motorola  Mobile Jumper settings

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