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PCB and Component Layouts

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As a mobile technician, you get different makes and models of mobile phones for repairs. The basic design of every mobile is same, but the actual component layout and positioning is different in different makes and models. As a technician it is not possible to rememeber the PCB layots of each and every make and model.Every time a new model comes, he has to search for the PCB layout to identify the components.

Also for new mobile technicians, it is very important that they understand the components on the circuit board, else they may damage the mobile phones. Thus the PCB layouts are very important for any mobile technicians.

Now, no need to search for PCB layouts / Component layouts here and there. We have a huge collection of PCB layouts and component layouts, arranged make and model wise, so that it is very easy for technicians to find the PCB layout he wants and repair the mobile phone. You can see the position of various ICs and components. Also we have mentioned the fault that may arise because of failure of the ICs or components. This will give you a lot of confidence before you actually learn how to trace faults and repair the same.

Just few demo PCB Layouts are given below:


Sony Erricson PCB and Component Layouts

(Click on the image to get enlarge view. Again click on “X” to actual expanded image)

Samsung PCB and Component Layouts

Nokia PCB and Component Layouts

Motorola PCB and Component Layouts

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