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Welcome to Mobile Repairs Online Training Course!!

We conduct online Mobile phone repair training course for people who cannot attend our classes or are too far from us. This course is a distance learning, home study and correspondence type of course to easily learn mobile phone repairing. This course is preferable for people from technical background and engineers, but even if you are a complete novice you can join and learn the required skills to repair mobile phones.

You will become complete mobile repair professional by completing our online course. The course is conducted through online chapters containing explanations, videos and circuit diagrams.

After completing the course you will be able to repair minor as well as major handset faults.

Why join Phonecare Online Mobile repair course:

Normally if you see all the available courses either online or classroom for mobile repair training, you will find that the courses are totally theoretical, covering mostly electronics which is not used in mobile phones. Then there are hundreds of circuit diagrams given, but without understanding the basic mobile repairing, these diagrams are of no use.

We at Phonecare has devised the syllabus in such a way that even a non matriculate person can start repairing mobile phones after completion of . Key features:

  1. Totally practical oriented syllabus.
  2. No unwanted electronics and theory.
  3. Step by step training so that the basic gets clear. For e.g. Mobile components identification – Measurement – trouble shooting – L2 level fault finding.
  4. Plenty of case studies which is not available at any of the books or courses.
  5. PCB layouts of all makes and models so that technician can easily identify components.
  6. Jumper setting diagrams for all makes and models.
  7. Very user friendly software training.

All these makes Phonecare as the ultimate choice if you really want to learn mobile repairing. So do no think and waste your time.

Just Enroll Now! At a very minimum price of around 120 USD.

Get three months of membership worth Rs.120USD free.

The course ware is as defined below:

The course ware is as defined below:

1. Mobiles basic Electronics

  • Electrical parameters - Current, Voltage, Frequency
  • Mobile electronic Components - Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors and LEDs
  • Use of Multimeter - Measuring resistance, capacitance, voltage, batteries

2. Mobile Phone Components

  • Mobile Components - Speaker, Mic, Ringer, Vibrator, Charging Connector, Memory, Antenna
  • Batteries - Types of batteries, Standby time, Talk time.
  • Chargers.

3. Mobile Basic Introduction

  • GSM / CDMA Technology
  • Basic Working
  • Different terms used in mobile phones – Bluetooth, SMS, Memory Cards
  • Different services – GPRS, WAP, 2G, 3G
  • Different Functions – Speed dialing, Call waiting, Call conference etc.

4. Basic Troubleshooting

  • Tools used for opening mobile Phones
  • Disassemble and Assembly of Mobile Phones.
  • L2 Components testing, troubleshooting and replacement - Display, Speakers, Mic, Vibrators, ringers, Antennas, charging connector.
  • Cleaning method of PCB.
  • Replacement of panels.

5. Advance Mobile Hardware

  • Different sections in mobile phone - PFO section, RF section, Baseband section
  • Introduction to Various ICs and electronic components. - PA, Antenna switch, RAM IC,
  • Cobb, Power IC, Charging IC, CPU (MAD / UPP),filers, Thavo IC, etc.
  • Soldering/desoldering of mobile components.
  • Using blower for removing mobile components.
  • Study of Block diagram and PCB pictorial.
  • Tracing and trouble shooting through circuit diagram.

6. Software Introduction

  • Introduction to personal computers.
  • Software features like downloading thru bluetooth, data backup etc.
  • Connecting Mobile with PC.
  • Introduction of flashing and software upgrades.

7. Software World Class Unlockers

  • Flashing and unlocking with UFS - Nokia
  • Flashing and unlocking with JAF – Nokia
  • Flashing and unlocking with Cruiser - Sonyericsson
  • Flashing and unlocking with Infinity – China and unlocking
  • Flashing and unlocking with NSpro - Samsung
  • Flashing and unlocking with Spiderman - China
  • Flashing and unlocking with Setool2 - Sony
  • Flashing and unlocking with Ultima box - Motorola
  • Flashing and unlocking with Smart Clip – Motorola

8. Software Free Unlockers

  • Unlocking Apple – iphone free
  • ODM Unlockers
  • Unlock HTCXDA Pocket PC
  • Samsung Rocker software
  • Nokia BB5 Unlocker
  • MS-Tool Unlocker for Motorola
  • Siemens Unlocker
  • And many more…..

9. Faults and Solutions - Hardware (L1 / L2 / L3)

  • Circuit diagrams and PCB diagrams showing faults and solutions for Nokia, Motorola, Sony, LG, Samsung.
  • Jumper Settings – Nokia, Sony, Motorola, LG, Samsung and China Phones

10. Phonecare Knowledgebase


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