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samsung Knowledgebase

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samsung knowledgebaseSamsung Knowledge base contains the complete 100% solutions and information for Samsung mobile phones.Find complete solutions for all Samsung Mobile phones model wise. Just select the model whose solutions you want, and you will get the complete solution for that model - Jumpersettings, Hardware solution diagrams, Unlocking solutions, Disassembly Assembly Pictures and Videos,Pin outs most common problem for that mobile phone, software solution and  many more solutions for Samsung mobile phones.



Samsung Jumper Settings

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Samsung-jumper settingIn Samsung mobile phones, 90% of the hardware problems are solved with doing proper jumpersettings. Find jumpersettings for almost all Samsung mobile phones for all harware problems just by click of mouse button. More than 3000 jumpersetting pictures. You will not find such a collection anywhere. Now no need to search boring forums for any jumper settings. Just select the model no, and fault, you will get the jumper all jumpersetting for that model.



Samsung Software and Unlocking Training

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samsung unlockingIn software section you will find training for all the world class unlockers - Installation, Flashing and Unlockiing for Samsung Mobile phones. Training pictures and videos. Also we have given the training for all free unlockers available.  Software tips, most common problems solved with softwares, and everything you would like to know about software solutions for Samsung Mobile Phones.



Samsung Disassembly Pictures

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samsung disassembly picture1Generally, dismantling samsung phones is fairly simple, but care must be taken. The phone can get damaged or broken if you do not dismantle the phone with care. We have given step by step pictures for dismantling all samsung Mobile Phones. Now you will be able to open any mobile phone seing at these pictures. It the biggest collection available on web.



PCB and Component Layouts

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samsung pcb layoutSamsung has more than 200 models. Though the basic circuit is same, every model has different PCB layouts. For any mobile technician it is not possible to remember PCB layout of each models. Here we have tried to get you the PCB layouts of almost all Samsung mobile phones with component description. Ultimate collection not found anywhere else. Just enjoy.



Samsung Hardware Solutions

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samsung hardware solutionFor repairing any hardware problem, you should know thw basic hardware solutions. In this section we have given the complete basic hardware solutions for all Samsung mobile phones. All solutions are arranged model wise and very easy to search



Unlimited Downloads

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downloadIn our downloads section find the latest software file for all mobile phones and flashing dongles. Also find all drivers, schematic files, firmwares, repair guides, third party solutions for easy downloads. All the files are tested.



Samsung Disassembly Video

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samsung disassembly videos1Please find all the video tutorials for disassembly of all Samsung Mobile phones. In these video you tutorial you will be able to learn to one any Samsung mobile phones. Also in video tutorial section, you will find many repairing tutorials, like how to remoce various ICs in Samsung mobile phone, making jumper settings.